Ancestor or family tree? What is the difference?

The Ancestry

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The Ancestors is the most famous representation of our forefathers. It is very popular because the ancestors of our parents are depicted in the framework. Starting from us as children, it goes back to our parents, and further back to our grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents, etc. It is important to mention that only childbearing couples are depicted and the number of people in each generation doubles exponentially. For example, in the 15th generation of ancestors, there can already be 32,768 ancestors.

The structure of a Ancestry is precisely defined. The current generation is depicted in the trunk and previous generation in the treetops.

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The Family Tree

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Whether its one, fifteen or several generations, a family tree is based on a 'parent' couple and depicts the offspring in the line. This can continue through either on the female or male side.

The structure of the family tree varies from family to family depending on how far back the records are present, or whether other branch line of other relatives are included. The start point is the most distant ancestor. On the trunk, the ancestor is depicted and on the treetops, the youngest descendants are depicted.

See sample paintings of family trees in the gallery -> Family Tree


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