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During a large family gathering in 1988, my dad Franz Rosenlechner came up with the business idea of drawing family trees. Initially, it started with simple graphic depictions. However over the years, the artistry and techniques implemented developed over time into a magnificent hand-painted craft. Much is to be credited to both my dad and his wife, Regina.

In 2020, I gradually took over the family tree painting business and continue the artistic craft into the second generation with much pleasure and  joy. My interest in family histories and cultures in addition to my recent training as a graphic designer enables me to design  individual family tree paintings a step further. During implementation, any special art work or scenes could be hand drawn into the foreground. I am more than happy to assist or recommend you a variety of display options.

And at the same time, handling the memories of your deceased ancestors respectfully is just as important to me. Having discretion and keeping your privacy is key. That is what I want my name to stand.

Wir in den Medien

"Wie man auf prominente Vorfahren stoßen kann" - SN Bericht 21.1.2022 von Mag. Stefan Veigl

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Ob Geburtstag, Hochzeitsfeier, Jubiläen - ein Stammbaum oder eine Ahnentafel sind für viele Anlässe  eine passende GESCHENKSIDEE.


Martinimarkt Steinerkirchen

Sa  04.11.2023
So  05.11.2023

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